St. Edward High School Football Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting the St. Edward High School Football Team!

Our goal is to help raise funds to cover the expenses associated with running a high school football program, such as equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, safety supplies, etc. To help us raise the funds we need, please follow the 3 steps below. With the St. Edward Football Team receiving $20 from every 1 Year Membership purchased, we can easily reach our goal if everyone buys one and gives one (or more) and helps us spread the word!

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Support Our Fundraiser

The best way to support our fundraiser is by purchasing a Rhino Club Card membership for yourself and Gift Cards for your friends, family, and co-workers.

The majority of your purchase goes to support our needs.

Be sure to enter a Referral Code on the Checkout page so that we receive credit for your support!

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Ben Z.1100041
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Aidan U.1100048

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