Tahoe Nevada Love

Reno natives Adam and Ashley Sayre had an idea to show their love to the greatest lake on earth. Not through daily drives or hikes, or telling people about their love. No, the Sayre idea was much bigger than themselves. Through their own brand, Adam and Ashley were able to create an idea that not only was able to provide for themselves, but was able to give back to the community, the lake, and inspire people in massive waves; waves that gave people the inspiration to feel the same message that Adam & Ashley felt. Their idea, was simply all love. This is Tahoe Nevada Love.

Tahoe Nevada Love is a retail and accessories store located in downtown Reno. As a company, TNL is dedicated to showing their message in all of the most “homey” of ways. Through shirts, backpacks, hats, camping accessories, and so much more, TNL is all about showing love and goodness, and appreciation to the Nevada side of the lake. California claims they own Tahoe, but everyone knows Nevada has the best beaches. Sand Harbor, Hidden Beach, Zephyr Cove, the list goes on. Some of the most popular and beautiful sides of the lake are shared in the Silver State, and TNL is here to boast all about it.

We are a company that is fun, creative, and dedicated to expressing our love for our great lake. We hope you catch the love bug that struck us, and find it in your heart, to get some Tahoe Nevada Love.




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50 S Virginia St Suite #24, Reno, NV 89523
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Hours: Tue - Sun: 11am - 6pm