Palmetto Ridge High School Lacrosse Fundraiser

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Thank you for helping the Palmetto Ridge High School Lacrosse team raise money for new equipment!

To help us raise the $3,000 we need for new equipment, please follow the 3 steps below. With Palmetto Ridge Lacrosse receiving $20 from every 1 Year Membership purchased, we need to sell 150 memberships to reach our goal. We can easily reach this goal if everyone buys one and gives one (or more) and helps us spread the word!

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Support Our Fundraiser

The best way to support our fundraiser is by purchasing a Rhino Club Card membership for yourself and Gift Cards for your friends, family, and co-workers.

The majority of your purchase goes to support our needs.

Be sure to enter a Referral Code on the Checkout page so that we receive credit for your support!

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If you just want to make a donation to the fundraiser, the best way is to purchase a Gift Card and donate it back to the fundraising organization.

Here’s How:

  1. Copy or write down this email address:
  2. Click HERE to go to the Gift Card product page
  3. Enter the email address from step 1 into the ‘To’ field
  4. Fill out the remaining fields, select the quantity of gift cards you wish to purchase (each gift card is $35), then click ‘Add To Cart’