Independent Partnership Opportunities


In our business model, you as a Charity Funding Consultant (CFC) have the ability to charge Sponsor Businesses (local businesses) ZERO — NOTHING — NADA FOR AN INCREDIBLE SERVICE THAT ALLOWS CHARITY CLIENTS TO RAISE ENORMOUS SUMS OF MONEY FOR THEIR GOOD CAUSES. Now imagine that you have the potential to earn a substantial six figure income offering your service for FREE – NO CHARGE to any client or group – and earn an incredible RECURRING income.

You must be a professional grade individual who enjoys dealing with and helping others. Our offering represents a true partnership between us and our Charity Funding Consultants (CFC’s). We rely on you 100% for our success and we provide the training and support to ensure that we’re both successful. Again, our success relies entirely on our partners, people who join with us that we help to achieve their goals. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: our charity clients, local businesses, the cardholder, for you, and for us.

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