Q: Where can I get a Rhino Club Card?
A: Simple! Click HERE to buy your Rhino Club Card today. For every Card purchased online, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to RIP Medical Debt, where the amount donated from a single Card purchase can help forgive $100 in medical debt.

Q: How do I take advantage of the various discounts and deals included with the Card?
A: Using your card is as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Explore one of the city sites to find what you are looking for.
  2. Show your Rhino Club Card when you visit the establishment.
  3. Unlike a coupon, you may use your Card as many times as you want, so enjoy saving at your favorite places throughout the year!

Q: Does my Club Card only work for the area that I purchased it in, or can I use it in any of the cities listed?
A: Your Club Card will work for every area that we are active in. Enjoy savings throughout the year, even as you travel! Please note that discounts offered by multi-location businesses may only be valid for a particular location.

Q: When does my Club Card expire?
A: Your Club Card is good until the date printed in the lower right corner on the back of the card (December 31st of the stated year). Please note that the date printed may be more than a full year into the future, and that is not a typo! If you purchase your Club Card when it rolls out each July, you have the ability to use it for a full year and a half.

Q: Is there any way to access the Rhino Club Card platform from my phone?
A: Yes! Our website is fully optimized for mobile on-the-go browsing. Simply type in the web site’s URL and enjoy browsing through the various discounts and deals while you’re out and about.

Q: What if my favorite local business isn’t listed?
A: If there is a local establishment that you would like to see included on the Rhino Club Card platform, please let us know, and we will reach out to them.


If you have any further questions, feedback, or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us!